Portfolio of Work

Curated look at Classic Eyelash extensions and Volume eyelash extension carefully applied to enhance your eye and face shape, work by the artists at Lash Darling in Hamilton Ontario


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The Partial Classic Set

Classic lashes, custom eyelash set using 60 lashes per eye to create a very natural look.. great for lash virgins.

The Partial Volume Set

Volume lashes, 60 2-3d fans applied per eye, Creating a beautiful light but full look, Perfect set for someone with thinner lashes.

The Signature Classic Full Set

Classic Lashes. Custom Lash Darling Eyelash set creating a soft but bold Look! Our most popular service

The Mixed Full Volume Set

Volume and Classic lashes combined, 60% volume and 40% classic lashes, This set is a favourite. Textured, Full and Bold.

The Full Volume Set

Volume lashes, 2-10D fans, unlimited count to create a gorgeous Dark, Bold and Dramatic look